Any Hope for the American Government?

These days our government has been veering far off from what our founding fathers had wanted. The government is run by the big corporations on Wall St. more than it is run by the citizens of the country. Almost every politician is funded in some way by lobbyists for  big corporations. When these corporations give all this money to their candidates to help get them elected then the corporations have the real power. Then politicians will change their view points during campaigns to tell the voter what they want to hear. Not to mention all these legislations that directly conflict with our Constitution and civil liberties. These are the biggest problems with our sytem of government. As long as these Wall St. corporations keep pumping money into Washington so they get politicians that will give them more money then the system will stay just as messed up. Since the Supreme Court says corporations have the smae rights and are equal to people it will be hard to get them out of politics. Not only do they control the politicians but because of their greed and riskiness/idiocy they caused the greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression and barely got punished. Right now they are doing the same things they were doing before the crisis, so another melt down is not unlikely yo happen again. Luckily we have Ron Paul running for president, and he is picking up steam. He has been in politics for 30 plus years and he is the only politician to have voted consistently on everything. He does not change his views based on what others want to hear. He also is a firm believer in the constitution and civil liberties. Though he is running as a Republican he does not really fit in the two party system, and that is a problem he faces because he does not conform strictly to Republicans or Democrats therefore receiving criticism from both sides. He is the only candidate that does not affiliate with the big corporations because he realizes how bad they are for the government and economy. He is the only canidate with military experience and the only one that wants troops back home, while other candidates are talking about going to war with Iran, yet they have no idea what it is like to spend one day in the military. I could get into more of his platform but it would simply turn into a huge essay, I encourage anyone and everyone to at least do research on his ideas and you will see he is the “common sense” candidate. He was often overlooked and dismissed but with recent polls he is consistenly in the top three and on his way up. He is one of the last honest politicians there is out there. Even when President Obama spoke of change in his campaign he has not achieved it. He is a “status quo” politician that in the end helps Wall St. get money. Only time will tell if Ron Paul gets elected as the next president, and if he does I truly believe it will be good for our government.


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