Quit Calling Me a Soldier, I’m a Marine

The title of this is self explanatory. Do not get me wrong I respect all the branches of our military, but I do not like when civilians confuse what we as Marines are. We are totally different from anyother branch of the military. The number one thing is we are instilled with a warrior spirit and esprit de corps more than anyother part of the armed service. We seem to take more pride in our Corps than any soldier, sailor, or airman takes in each of their respective branch of service. You can ask, as I have before, someone from these other branches, the date their service was founded and the liklihood they will know off the top of their head is very small. Then ask them where the location that they were founded and that will be truly impressive if they know. This is not like the Marines at all. You can ask any Marine, from the newest Marine out of boot camp to the oldest World War II veteran, the date and place of birth of the Corps, and without hesitation any single one will tell you November 10, 1775 at Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We take pride in the entire history of the Corps. We know of imprtant battles that span all the way back to our beginnings. We take pride and feel apart of what Marines in past generations have done, just like Marines of future generations will feel. We are not actually needed by our country, in fact there has been talks many times throughout history to completely get rid of the Marine Corps, yet we are still here. If we aren’t actually needed than why are we around. I can answer that simply, it is because America wants the Marine Corps. Our excellence in battle is what we pride ourselves in more than anything. In the Marines we will send our cooks out to kick in doors. If you ask a soldier what he does he will say something like “I’m a mechanic, or infantryman, or doctor,etc… in the army”. If you ask a Marine what he does he will simply say “I am a Marine” and that will be a good enough explanation for him/her. We take pride in being the smallest of the military services under the Department of Defense. Right now we have just a shade over 200,000 Marines, which is currently in the process of being cut down to about 175,000, as compared to the 2 million plus soldiers in the army. That makes the average quality of Marine out of boot camp better than that of other branches. We have the ability to be very selective in allowing who we will send to boot camp, making our standards just to sign up even higher. Also we take pride in having the longest and most strenuous boot camp. Ours is 13 weeks and the next closes one is the Navy with 10 weeks. If a Marine wants to switch to a different branch of the military he does not have to go through that branches respective boot camp. If a sailor, soldier, or airmen decides later he wants to join the Marines, then they must go through our boot camp. I hope this helps to explain why we as Marines may be somewhat offended or offput when a civilian calls us soldiers or looks at the Marines and the army as the same, because or whole culture is completely different. It’s like calling Americans and Canadians the same because we are both in North America. I even have to tell my own close friends sometimes, when they say soldier or army. At this point I’ve got my family to understand and they know not to bunch us together.


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