The Arrival at Marine Corps Boot Camp

By far, the most challenging thing I have ever done in my life so far was Marine Corps Recruit Training down in Parris Island South, Carolina. I knew it was probably the worst time of the year to go down too, considering it was the length of the entire summer down in the heat and humidity of South Carolina. Not to mention the sand fleas that eat away at all the helpless recruits during this time of year. Right from the bus that took us from the air port crossed the bridge onto the island at about 2300 on June 6, it really hit me what I was getting myself into. The bus stopped at the main entrance of the islan and two Marines came onto the bus and yelled at us to put our heads down and hold up our forms of identifcation. From there the bus drove for at least another 15 minutes while we were stuck in that uncomfortable position. The next time the bus stopped I knew what was going to happen. It was our first encounter with a Parris Island Drill Instructor. He ran onto the bus and started yelling at all of us to get of his bus. Now that we were in Boot Camp nothing was ours and everything belonged to the drill instructors. So all of the new recruits get off the bus, scared out of our minds, and stand on the infamous yellow footprints of Parris Island. The first two or three days we did not sleep even for one minute. It consisted of getting all of our hair cut off, aqcuiring the gear we would need for the next three months, and most of all being yelled at constantly. I will never forget the night that I took my first steps to becoming a Marine.


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