Violations of the Constitution

Recently since the attacks on Spetember 11, 2001, the government has been passing legislation to help deter terrorism within the United States. I, being in the military, obviously want America to be a safe place. The problem is these pieces of legislation are taking away constitutional rights of the citizens given to all citizens under the bill of rights. It originated with the US Patriot Act put into effect during the Bush administration. It took away certain aspects of privacy given to citizens under the Bill of Rights, because now the federal government can listen in on private phone conversations because there is a possibility of terrorism. This has not even been effective in catching domestic terrorists and has just violated the rights of random citizens. What is even worse is the legislation that was just signed into law by President Obama a few days ago. Now the government can detain US citizens without trial for an indefinite period of time, based on the grounds that they are suspected of being terrorists. This takes away the rights of Habeas Corpus to these citizens because know actual evidence is needed to detain them. This also directly conflicts with the 6th Amendment which is the right to a lawer and a speedy trial because under this the government can hold these “suspected terrorists” without giving them a trial. The Constitution and Bill of Rights were written by our founding fathers because that is what they wanted our society to be like. I am in the military and what people do not realize is that we take an oath to uphold the Constituion asssuming that our government will do the same. Time after time though, there is legislation passed that directly conflicts with the Constitution and our individual freedoms, and for some reason our representatives and president keep writing and passing these.


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